5d 5-оски водена вода cnc машина-cnc, машина за сечење метал со густа вода

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Состојба: Ново
Место на потекло: Анхуи, Кина (копното)
Име на марка: ACCURL
Model Number: ACWJ-1530, ACWJ-1530
Voltage: 380V 220V Optional
Rated Power: 7.5 KW
Димензија (L * W * H): 3880 * 2150 * 2000мм
Weight: 6500Kgs
Сертификација: CE ISO SGS FDA
Warranty: 3 years warranty
Обезбедена услуга по продажбата: Инженери достапни за сервисирање машини во странство
Plasma Power: Hypertherm
Gantry type: Table
Effective Cutting area(Length): 1500mm
Effective Cutting area(width): 3000mm
run soeed: 20m/min
Cutting positioning accuracy: ±5mm/m
Surface roughness: Ra≤25μm
CNC controller: AI, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS
Servo motor: Software Supports HPRXD and True Hole

Perfect Waterjet Cutting:

ACCURL® Water jet machining is achieved by forcing a large volume of water under high pressure through a small orifice in the cutting nozzle. The accelerated steam of water leaving the nozzle impacts the material and starts the cutting process. Kerf from the accelerated stream of water is extremely narrow. This pressure is then concentrated in a small area on the material which starts to erode the material. Softer materials can be cut with water pressure. Harder materials require the use of an abrasive feed system, such as metal cutting. The abrasive is introduced into the high pressure water stream, which then starts the erosion of the harder materials.

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